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Community ERP


Communication throughout the whole project, trainings, and users’ appropriation of the solution are key factors to a good change management.

A successful appropriation of the solution is achieved through mobilizing and involving all the business contributors, from the beginning of and during the project.

Adopting a SaaS solution requires to comply with the standard processes and the best practices offered by the ERP.

For each project phase, data conversion is a key question and should be dealt with in close relation with functional and technical sub-projects.

Your concerns

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Improving your performance

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Reinforcing the controls

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Adapting to evolutions

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Modernising your information system

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Improving your performance

  • Master your financial communication, a major challenge for everyone!
  • Encourage the local operational efficiency, while allowing standardisation and processes optimisation at a group level
  • Dematerialise your Procure-to-Pay process, in order to save time during validation
  • Optimise the interactions with your customers and suppliers

Reinforcing the controls

  • Internal audit
  • Access to detail consolidated information and transparency improvement
  • Set up clearly defined responsibilities

A structuring but flexible IT system

A management solution internationally deployed has to facilitate the operational work first of all. It will be quick to implement and require basic configuration and development. It will offer a consolidated view of the group activities and will allow you to know each customers type.

Adapting to evolutions

To adapt to organisational, structural and legal evolutions.

Your external growth potential increases the needs for a financial information system that is able to evolve and that provides mobilisable ressources according to your needs.

Modernising your information system

Assuring the operational excellence of your activities requires a stable and performant financial and accounting management system that allows productivity profits

  • Optimising the processes and harmonising the practices
  • Having a centralised management of budgets, integrated with accounting
  • Rationalising the reports
  • Structuring the business processes (on the basis of workflows) with time improvement and accounting flows global automatisation
  • Getting a friendly, ergonomic and intuitive users interface


  • An undergoing mutation activity sector
  • A flexible business
  • An international and cross-canal sales strategy
  • Reliable, justified and shared financial data
  • A real-time monitoring of the activity

Our savoir-faire

1/5 ERP scoping and target definition

To help you define the scope or your project, we build an ERP trajectory (migration or new implementation) and associate it with a budgetary roadmap.

2/5 Execution support (contracting authority)

With our strong skills in implementing the ERP solution, particularly Oracle ERP Cloud, we help you to:

  • Manage your implementation project ;
  • Provide the business requirements and the data collection ;
  • Define the data migration strategy ;
  • Write down the acceptance test books and carry through the acceptance tests of the application ;
  • Manage change ;
  • Formalise procedures booklets

3/5 Oracle ERP Cloud implementation

With more than 10 ERP Cloud projects that we carried through, we implement Oracle ERP Cloud for various areas such as Procurement, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Expenses and Project Portfolio Management.

Since we have both business and solution skills, we can guide our customers and follow through with the projects that are entrusted to us.

4/5 ERP audit / stabilisation

Do you face difficulties in using or implementing the Oracle ERP Cloud?

We can audit the setup and use of the solution and recommend you an action plan to stabilise your production environment or your project.

5/5 Design and deployment of regulatory reports

Thanks to the different projects we carried through, we have made a reporting book that meet the common requirements and needs of our customers. We can analyse your need and deploy these reports for you.

We are also able to design your own reports and to train you in using the multiple reporting tools that are available for you in the Oracle ERP Cloud.


Imed Talbi

Imed is an expert at implementing Procurement, Fixed Assets and Financials modules. He will succeed in every mission that is entrusted to him, and all of this in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere If you mention Support and Maintenance, he will move heaven and earth for you to quickly be self-sufficient!

Davy Blewett

Davy helps you in your auditing and implementing of financials solutions... but that's not all! All demos and lessons learned feedbacks are in his hands! So there's nothing for it but to ask him.

Ghileb Gharbi

Facing an ERP problematic? A requirement is covered? Ghileb will always give you a well structured solution from start to finish. A deliverable needs to be produced? It will always be a high-quality one. You will be surprised at her ability to implement an ERP solution. It will be done gently and discreetly!

Vincent Binelli

With his expertise in implementation projects and in migrating information systems, no project resists him. Watch out, no excuse will be accepted in case of any delay regarding the schedule!