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Intern life

Integration Process

Some principles

We may not be able to map the perfect route to the ideal future, but we can often ascertain some orienting principles for navigation.

Brian J. Robertson

Founding father of Holacracy

Get on board with KaOra !

When we become explOrer, and get on board with KaOra, we are rightaway given a “Log book” containing the essential informations on KaOra Partners and plenty of advices to find our place:

  • The explOrer philosophy
  • Their playground
  • The KaOra Network ecosystem
  • The intern life and the explOrers crew

Explorer Process

What is the explOrer journey?

The explOrer journey, it’s like the breadcrumb trail that explOrers follow to evolve within KaOra.

Regularly (3 months after their arrival, then every year), the explOrers do a self-assesment and are assessed by their peers on the basis of 12 key skills.

What we want

To make sure each explorer is part of a dynamic of progression

To set a global process that includes feedback, salary, skills assessment, and so on.

To develop goodwill and collective intelligence

To get rid of ranking

To unwind authority relationships between seniors and juniors, to decentralise the management power

To dissociate self-suffiency and responsibilities from the years of experience

The key skills you are going to develop

Team spirtit
Skills development
Technical mastery
Customer relationship
Business oriented
Problem solving
Innovation / Proactivity

ExplOrer testimony

Why did I join KaOra?

During my interview, in less than an hour, the co-founder had succeeded in making me dream. KaOra Partners’ team quickly trusted me. Its phylosophy allows the explOrer to develop agility, creativity, responsibility and challenge.

What do I like about KaOra?

KaOra Partners is not only a company but a family. I love KaOra because it is a good place to work at, projects are interesting, there’s really a good atmosphere, cohesion, and an encouragement to surpass yourself and to innovate as well. Every explorer feels daily involved in the development of KaOra.

What do I do?

I work as an Oracle Cloud Consultant for financials, I strengthen my accounting and IT knowledge to better meet the needs of KaOra and of customers.

Lab organization

All the KaOra's internal processes are gathered within work group, the Labs, that are led in autonomy by our consultants. Committing to one our several Lab(s) is voluntary-based.

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KaOra Academy

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  • Corporate culture
  • Listening indicators
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Management innovation
  • Integration – Onboarding
  • Team building
  • Internal communication
  • Facilities and internal life
  • Digital window management
  • Digital and physical supports
  • Technological innovation
  • Methological innovation
  • Skills management (including the ExplOrer Journey)
  • Capitalisation
  • Work methods
  • Monitoring
  • New recruting method
  • Profiles sourcing skills
  • Recruting process based on the applicant’s experience
  • Technological innovation
  • Strategic coordination
  • KaOra Network & partnerships
  • Business development support
  • External events