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About us

In short


A consulting firm created in March 2017 


€7,7 millions as our target by the end of 2020


Across France, among big corporate groups, medium-sized companies,  and public administrations



Already 60 explorers with consulting and business backgrounds


A renewed internal management


Customized support services based on an ecosystem of partners


Our ambition

KaOra Partners is born out of a desire to start an entrepreneurial adventure of course, but also and first of all a human adventure. Our first ambition is to create and live out a different experience that is meaningful and lively, opening new possibilities to those who join it.

We want to gather the best ones around us, and build a community that is alive, united and that values exchanges and goodwill.

We deeply believe in collective intelligence, and that’s the reason why we make sure to give each of our explOrers all the opportunities to grow, to be challenged and fulfilled, as an individual as well as a group.

Our employees are the main players of KaOra Partners. They are curious and abound with ideas and desires. They share knowledge, participate and give feedbacks. They have the same enthusiasm than us in reinventing consulting, and they show boldness in initiating and bringing others on board with them.

We all have very different characters and skills, and it’s from these singularities that we have to create value.


Our management model

At KaOra Partners, we believe in distributed management, that is founded in trustful relationships. Everyone is given the necessary autonomy to carry out his missions and is carefully supported in every project. Freedom and trust which are the features of our managerial model allow everyone to get involved in the structure. The absence of hierarchical control doesn’t translate into disengagement. On the opposite, it is the responsibility of everyone to take initiatives that contribute to KaOra Partners’ development.

We refuse the rigidity of a leader who gives orders and owns alone the authority. Our system allows the opinion of everyone to be considered.

Let us all be leaders, let’s be proactive and incarnate what we long for. Let’s get the support we need and help others.


With our actual size and organisation, we do not pretend to know it all or to be able to answer every need. That’s why we rely on an ecosystem of skills from every branch and sector in order to offer you a full project system adapted to your need.


Business Expertise

IT Manager Sales and Marketing Consultant, PMO Business controlling,…

Digital and Innovation

SAAS business applications, Business tools development, Website, user experience, Design thinking, open innovation,…

Change Management

Training platform, Blended Learning, Virtual Assistant, Tutorial,…

Sector Expertise

Energy et services, Industry, Retail, Bank and Insurances,…

IT solution Expertise

SAAS, BI, EPM, CRM, ERP, BPM, MDM/DQM, Virtual Assistance



KaOra Partners

Our head offices are located in Paris

Our offices : 104 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris

Our consultants work in Île de France

KaOra Partners Aquitaine

KaOra Bordeaux

Our offices: 55 cours Georges Clémenceau 33000 Bordeaux

Our consultants also work in the Aquitaine region

KaOra Network

Our crews can be mobilized all around France